Taking Advantage of Arbitrage

Arbitrage betting can be a full proof plan in sports betting if you can take advantage of it before the bookmaker suspects it or adjusts the odds to minimize it. Generally, bookmakers do not like bettors making arbitrage bets and will limit the opportunity or payout in doing so. Therefore, it is important to make your bets as soon as you recognize them and before bookmakers can minimize your payout.
Bookmakers have other means of limiting arbitrage betting. They may lower the odds on a payout in order to make your wager produce less profit or eliminate it all together. In the English Premier League, Norwich will be playing Sunderland. If you were to bet $20 on Norwich with Statto.com, you would win $52.63 in profit with a successful wager. By putting $20 on Sunderland through Bodog.ca, you would win $31.25 with a winning bet. That’s if you put your bets in at this very moment but, what happens when Bodog.ca changes their odds from +180 to +280? That would change your profit margin to $27, dropping it down by approximately $4. Doesn’t sound like a big deal with only a difference of $4 but, we’re only talking about $20. Let’s look at the difference with $100. With odds set at +180, you would make $156 but with odds shifting to +280, you would only make $135. That’s a difference of over $20.
You may notice that you can bet on more games with some online bookie sites than others. If a bookmaker notices a lot of activity on certain games, he or she may take the game off of the site for betting. A lot of internet traffic on certain games, especially if it’s one-sided in regards to the bets being made, can cause a bookmaker to take the game off in fear of losing the bet. By having a game end up in the favor of too many different people, a bookmaker will lose money paying out for the same game.
It’s easy math to figure out that the more you bet will result in a larger profit if won. But, if bookmakers adjust odds to counteract arbitrage betting, the more money wagered will result in a bigger difference in how much you are profiting from a successful bet. If you’re betting with smaller amounts, the arbitrage will not make too much of a difference. However, the larger the number you are betting, the bigger the increase in profit from the arbitrage.

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