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Findng the Winning Formula

So how do you become a winner at casinos and at the bookies?

I think that you can do so, by using the same system that they do.  They use mathematics.  You can use it too. You can use it against casinos and beat them.

By using systems based on mathematics you can ensure that you get one up on casinos.  This means that you know when you can win and know when you need to stop playing, move to another table or call it quits for the time being.

Because it is math, you can be sure that they system works.  Mathematical proofs are not subject to opinion.  They are fact, so when you know the system, you can be sure it works.

A mathematical system just works!

Mathematics is science. Science has got peple to to the moon, has cured incurable diseases and now helps beat changes in the climate.

Science helps casinos to make their money.  It also helps you make yours.