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Winning with Odds – Converting British and Moneyline Odds

When betting internationally, you might want to be able to covert odds from several bookies to a common form, so that you can compare them easily and so that the odds are in a form that you better understand.

In this article we look at how British fractional odds and US moneyline can be converted, the one to the other.

US moneyline odds use a positive number say +200, which means you will profit $200 if you bet $100, or a negative number, say -200, which means that you need to bet $200 to make a profit of $100.

British fractional odds use the style of 5-1, which means you bet $1 to win $5, or in the form 1-5, which means you need to bet $5 to win one.

As the perceptive will immediately see, conversion is really easy.

Moneyline to Fractional Conversion

Let’s say we have a fight match between Tito Ortiz and St. Pierre. Tito Ortiz is offered at -150 and St. Pierre at 200.

St. Pierre is offered at a positive number.  To convert to fractional odds we divide that number by 100 and put it on the left-hand side of the fraction.  So, 200/100 = 2.  So, +200 is equivalent to odds of 2-1.

Tito Ortiz is being offered at a negative moneyline. In this case, to convert to fractional odds we remove the minus sign divide by 100 and put the resulting figure on the right-hand side of the fractional odds.  So,  150/100 = 1.5.  Therefore the fractional odds are 1-1.5.  We however rarely see fractions in the fractional odds.  To remove the fraction multiply both sides by 2. So, 1×2 = 2 and 1.5 x 2 = 3 and the fractional odds are 2-3 or ‘three to two on’, that is you need to be $3 to win $2.

Fractional to Moneyline Conversion

Let’s consider a Premier league football match say Manchester United vs. Fulham. ManU are the odds on favourite at 4-5 and a Fulham win is being offered at 3-2. Let’s convert this to moneyline.

Divide the bigger side of the fraction by the smaller and multiply by 100.  If the right-hand side is bigger add a ‘minus’ sign if the left-hand side is bigger then leave it as a positive number.

So, in the case of 4-5 of odds.  5/4 = 1.25.  Because the right-hand side is bigger we add a minus sign, -1.25. Now we multiply by 100 and get -125.  So the money line for ManU is -125.

In the case of 3-2 we divide three by two, 3/2 = 1.5.  We leave it as a positive number and multiply by 100. So, 1.5 x 100 = 150.  So the money line for a Fulham win is +150.

See, easy!