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Bad Mathematics – the Martingale System

Everyone wants to beat the bookie and win at casinos.  It is my conviction that a proper mathematical system can help you win.

The problem is if you have an improper mathematical system. A mathematical system that isn’t proved and doesn’t work is less than useless.  It’s positively dangerous.

One such system is in my view the Martingale system.  This was used in 18th century France, a country which was, at that time, full of committed gamblers.

The Martingale system involves doubling your bet each time you lose, in the expecation that you could win your stake back.  If you mange to win your losses back, then you shoudl start over reducing your bet size.

The problem is that if you hit a losing streak then you can quickly go bankrupt, because the amounts you lose quickly increase.

I think everyone understands that if your losses exponentially increase you will quickly lose all your money!