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Handicapping – Winning Through Superior Knowledge

Handicapping is one technique that bookies use that you can pick up and use against them.

By handicapping bookies try to determine who has the greatest chance of winning a particular sporting event and then adjust the odds so that they can make money.  Handicapping requires a great deal of knowledge and major bookies employ sports experts who can help them set the appropriate odds.

The good news is that this means you can beat bookies at their own game.

First of all you will need to have information about the sports, the teams and the players.  It’s good to know about past matches, history and the past form of the team. This information combined with the experience you get over time will help you to understand the handicapping process.

The goal is not so much to pick winners, but to work out when the bookies have mispriced the odds.

Guys that make money from sports betting have great lives.  They watch a lot of sports and get to know them extremely well. It seems ideal: you can grab a cup of coffee, relax and open a sports magazine or a newspaper, switch on the television or just listen to sports radio where ever you are.

Every match you hear about will give you the opportunity to start thinking about the real chance that this or that team has to win. Once you understand that you can start searching for odds that bookies have set and see which ones have been mis-priced.

Have a look at what professional tipsters say and whether they have accurately assessed the likely outcome of a sporting event. The fact is you can’t make money from them, because bookies will have already adjusted the odds to take into account this tip, no matter how good that tipster is.

Therefore, people who make money from sports betting don’t go public with their ideas, they need to place their bets without the world knowing.  People who are very good at it, might successfully sell their tips to a select few trusted customers.