Find Reduced Vig and Bet for Advantage

Vig (short for vigorish), also called Juice, is the money a bookmaker makes off a wager. Reduced vig is when the odds are dropped down slightly by the bookmaker. This makes the bet less profitable for the bookie, but more profitable for you.
For example, if a moneyline odds of -110 goes to -105, then the bet to make $100 reduced  from $110 to $105. Finding the bookmakers with reduced vig could change your bets from losing to profitable. Successfully, finding and playing  reduced vig wagers can mean the difference between leaving the bookie with money in your pocket or a hole.
Let’s take, for example, a San Francisco vs. Cincinnati game in the NFL. The bookies may be offering evens on each.  You’d expect the money line to be -110. But to drum up business the bookie reduces the moneyline on San Francisco to -105. On a $20 bet you would take home $39 instead of $38.20. That is only 80c per bet, but if you work it into a system it adds up.
Reduced vig is a very important thing to look for when betting on sports. The bookmaker usually does this if he wants to drum up business or to encourage bettors to bet a certain way so that he may balance his book.
A smart bettor will look for reduced vig when making bets because even though the difference may only be a couple of dollars, it can make all the difference with a successful betting system.

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