Bookie or Betting Exchange which is Better

People who bet on sports have two ways of making bets. They have the option of going to a bookmaker who sets the odds in regards to what team is going to win and how much they are going to pay out. The other option is to use a betting exchange approach, for example
When you make bets at a bookmaker, you are betting against him. Bookies have the option of using decimal, fractional or money-line odds. They make money by matching up all the bets on their books so that they make a profit no matter what the outcome.  This is called the juice or vig.
What this means is that if you bet both sides against a bookie in a game, you will lose money and the bookie will make money.
Betting exchange fees work a little differently. They only use decimal odds and most collect a 5% commission from a win. However, their odds are for the game only and don’t factor in a vig for collection. Therefore, the odds are usually fair, you will have to pay 5% to the exchange to win.

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